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Oh, Spike. Poor, poor naive and innocent Season 1 Spike. You have no idea.


aha xD Ed and Spike negotiating

  • Greg: Got no calls yet. But tonight there's gonna be a full moon. Soo.
  • Sam: So?
  • Greg: So full moons they make people crazy. It's a proven fact. Sooo, gonna call tonight Patrol Night.
  • Spike: Whoo!
  • Wordy: Alright.
  • Lou: Yes!
  • Greg: Alright, do a little Team One PR. Let the city know we're here, keep the bad guys on their toes.
  • Spike: *Raises hand*
  • Greg: Yeah, Spike?
  • Spike: Club district? Me and Lou? What? There's all kinds of troubles there, all the time.
  • Greg: Fine, Patrol Happy Hour, all those very threatening young women in tube tops. But, just, uh, button up, huh?
  • Spike: Sorry~
  • Greg: Be good, look good. Jules? Still representing the force. Eddie? Mr.Wordsworth?
  • Ed: East end. Roving gangs and families, runaway strollers and what not.
  • Greg: It's all yours. Sam? Jules?
  • Jules: We'll take west. I'm thinking chicken roulade and island foods?
  • Spike: Oh, hey, we'll take west!
  • Jules: Nuh-uh!
  • Greg: You got tubetops! *claps* We'll keep the peace!


Spike reminds me of a little kid after his parents’ argument.


Happy birthday Sergio di Zio!


Relaxing in between scenes

I'm Anna. Just trying to find myself. Still working on it.

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